What is Chiropractic?

More than 15 million North Americans each year choose chiropractic care as a natural, effective method to relieve their acute and chronic pain.

The primary work of chiropractors involves performing slight adjustments, or manipulations, to the spinal column and other joints in order to correct alignment problems that are causing pain and decreased mobility.

By re-aligning these structures, chiropractors work to help improve the quality of your life by supporting your body’s own natural ability to heal.

Unlike other types of doctors, chiropractic doctors do not prescribe drugs or do surgical procedures, though when medically necessary, we refer patients to trusted, professional providers of such services.

Some benefits of seeking chiropractic with a qualified, certified professional include reduced pain, enhanced function, replenished energy, and overall better health.

How is Chiropractic different from Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release?

While Chiropractic works to re-align your spine, Myofascial release (MFR) involves applying sustained and gentle pressure to myofascial connective tissue restrictions to improve motion and reduce pain. This form of physical therapy is typically used to treat myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic pain disorder that is caused by tightness and sensitivity of the myofascial tissues that support and surround muscles. In many cases, this pain originates from specific points within the tissue called trigger points.

If a person’s pain is caused by fascial restrictions, then their body will keep going back into misalignment after chiropractic care until those restrictions are addressed and treated. Myofascial therapy releases the internal pull on bones and organs, helps improve posture and frees up tight areas that are pressing down on nerve endings. When we address this issue, over time, clients often find that they require less frequent visits to the chiropractor. Their adjustments begin to hold for a longer period of time.

In summary, Chiropractic care and MFR complement one-another quite nicely! If you are interested in combining your therapy at Chris Scott Wellness with Chiropractic care, call us today and ask for a referral to one of our Preferred Chiropractors!

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