Medical Pilates Instruction for Rehabilitation in Rockford, IL

Medical vs. Fitness Pilates

What is Medical Pilates?

Here at Chris Scott Wellness, we are often asked about the difference between Pilates at the gym and our Medical Pilates service. It’s no wonder that there is some confusion. The word “Pilates” is used a variety of ways and many fitness facilities offer group or private Pilates lessons. The biggest reason why we recommend Medical Pilates to our clients is that Medical Pilates is specific to each person and will be tailored to meet their own needs. It may even be risky after an injury to take on unsupervised exercise which is why physicians often refer patients to our Medical Pilates services.

Fitness Pilates

  • Taught by fitness trainers who are also trained in Pilates
  • No individual physical assessment performed before or during class sessions
  • Good for increasing core strength as well as fitness and flexibility
  • All classes are the same with everyone following the same fitness routine
  • Limited in the number of programs and will not be tailored to your body’s preferred movement patterns
  • Large class sizes with limited feedback and interaction with the instructor

Medical Pilates

  • Taught by a qualified instructor who is also trained in Medical Pilates
  • Programs are individualized based on physical therapy principles
  • Before the class, there will be an individualized consultation to assess each client’s injury history, body’s preferred movement pattern, and client individual goals
  • Physical Therapy treatment can be incorporated into the program
  • If an injury flares up during the treatment, the Physical Therapist or Pilates Instructor can make specific changes to meet client needs
  • This Pilates program is designed for rehabilitation after an injury, surgery, or pregnancy and can reduce pain by correcting the underlying injury when caused by poor mechanics
  • Equipment is Reformer-based, which allows for improved control and quality of movement
  • Sessions are individualized and made for each client’s needs and goals.
Physical Therapy and Medical Pilates in Rockford, IL

Our team of Physical Therapists and Pilates Instructors have an in-depth knowledge when it comes to healing, injury, and movement patterns. We work with clients to make sure that our Medical Pilates exercises will be most effective for your needs. Our programs produce long-term results and each program is specific to your needs. You will always be the only person that the instructor is seeing during your session. We do not have group classes but instead focus on each individual and their own body.

At Chris Scott Wellness, our holistic massage and physical therapy clinic is designed to meet the needs of our patients in the greater Rockford, Illinois region. Our trained staff are specialized in the non-surgical management of conditions and impairments. We treat clients with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, vestibular, and cardiopulmonary needs though our conservative rehabilitative services.

As our founder, Chris Scott says, “If traditional pain therapies have failed you in the past, then this is the place to be. At the end of the day, it’s all about one thing… improving the quality of life for that individual.” To find out more about how we can help you improve your health, reach out today. We’ll provide personalized and client-centered care designed at maximizing your health and fitness.

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